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Happy New Year! [Jan. 1st, 2007|01:53 pm]
Happy New Year everyone!
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Canadian Shots Available [Oct. 12th, 2006|02:26 pm]
My anthology Canadian Shots is out!

This first was on Turn of the Screw, but now it's available as a download.

Set from one end of Canada to the other, and points in between, the Canadian Shots explore love and lust with heat and humor.

These short stories explore the lives of men who are as diverse as theplaces they live in and travel to. Whether it's a new relationshipbetween a pair of students stuck in a Montreal university library onCanada day, a playful threesome on fetish night at a gay bar inToronto, or the deeper love of a cook and a cowboy in rural Albertathese characters and tales are sure to delight.

Sure to delight. Hee :)

It got a good review from Alexa Snow:

Canada might be well known for colder weather, but this anthology ishot, hot, hot! There's a lot of variety in the stories, from firsttimes to established relationships, with settings from Prince EdwardIsland to British Columbia, but what they all have in common is lots ofscorching, vividly-written sex.

My personal favorites from this anthology include the Nova Scotia shot,in which the experienced Dodge gives the innocent young Sid a firsttime that anyone would envy, the Montreal Shot in which collegestudents Chad and Alex hook up at the library and then blow off theirstudies in favor of blowing... well, you can probably make a prettygood guess, and the Toronto Shot in which Parker picks up Ian and hispet Darcy on fetish night at a gay bar and has the night of his life.

If you're looking for fantastic erotica, "Canadian Shots" is foryou. What makes these stories wonderful and special is that they're notjust about sex; they're also full of captivating characters andinteresting story lines. Definitely recommended!

I'm working on a sequel :)
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Canadian Trivia of the Day [Sep. 12th, 2006|10:06 pm]
There are more than 32 million Canadians.

There is approximately one birth every one minute and 33 seconds and one death every two minutes and 14 seconds.

Canada's Population Clock
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Canadian Trivia of the Day [Sep. 11th, 2006|05:19 pm]
Canada is a name derived from the Huron-Iroquois 'kanata' meaning, a village or settlement.
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Hello out there! [Sep. 8th, 2006|10:37 am]
Well this would be my first post on this journal. I have done some posts on torquere_social which have been fun.

Look for some content over here starting next week. I'm going to do a little Canadian Trivia. Maybe I'll call it Canarivia or something more clever that I come up with before Monday. Hopefully.

Welcome to my corner of the world, eh.
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